This Policy (hereinafter the “Cookie and Privacy Policy”) regulates the cookie and privacy policy of the web platform (hereinafter “the Web Platform”) owned by PERFUMES Y DISEÑO COMERCIAL, S.L. (hereinafter “PyD”), a corporation registered with the Madrid Trade Registry, volume 8986 General of Section 8 of the Book of Companies, folio 60, page M-144571, entry no. 1, with tax registration no. B-81061616 and registered office at Calle Isla de Java, no. 33, Madrid. The contact details for this cookie and privacy policy are:

Telephone: +34 91658 8820


The Platform is a communication and support mechanism that PyD makes available to internet users to provide adequate, sufficient legal corporate information on its products, services and initiatives corresponding to its legitimate economic and business activities. Those activities are governed by Spanish law and, with regard to:


This cookie and privacy policy is addressed to both users of the Platform and users registered within the framework of the Platform with regard to the processing of their personal data, whether mere users of the Platform and its services or customers of PyD. In all cases, data subjects are advised that this Platform is intended for users aged over 18 and use by minors is forbidden.

Any users who wish to register and/or access any contents or services provided through the Platform, for example to participate in personnel selection procedures (to work with PyD), receive or subscribe to news and information on PyD, submit consultations or suggestions using the contact form provided for this purpose, etc. must specifically provide their personal data on the corresponding forms provided by PyD in each case, after reading and accepting the policies and legal conditions governing those specific services or contents. Otherwise, the user will not be allowed to use them.

The information and personal data provided by users wishing to register with the Platform or, in general, provided later by registered users, shall be:

Users are fully responsible for the correct use of their user accounts and the associated passwords. If a registered user believes that the security of their account and password may have been compromised, they shall promptly contact PyD through the contact details provided at the beginning of this Policy and report the situation or incident, so that PyD can take appropriate measures as soon as it is notified by the user. Users shall be liable for all damages deriving from inadequate use and personal management of their accounts and their passwords, releasing PyD from all liability.


In pursuance of prevailing personal data protection laws and regulations, particularly Articles 12 to 14 GDPR, data subjects are advised as follows:


By accepting this policy, end users grant their unequivocal consent to the processing of their personal data for the processing purposes indicated in section 3 of this cookie and privacy policy. In the specific case of cookies, the provisions of section 7 of this legal policy will be applicable.

PyD may refuse use of the Platform and the associated services, contents and functions if data subjects do not accept this Policy or do not agree to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the provisions hereof.


PyD has adopted and applies the security levels required by law to the personal data for which it is responsible, according to the corresponding security levels detected, and endeavours to install and/or apply additional technical or organisational means and measure of protection to reinforce the general security of personal data processing, systems, communications environment and corporate organisation. Nevertheless, users are advised that internet security measures are not by any means impregnable. For this reason, the company pays particular attention to the security measures and other security obligations established in the GDPR, especially Article 32 GDPR.


PyD undertakes to comply with the duty of secrecy and confidentiality regarding the personal data and information provided by users of the Platform and under its control and responsibility, complying with all legal provisions applicable from time to time.


PyD reserves the right to modify this policy in order to adapt it to future applicable changes in law, doctrine or case law or for technical, operational, commercial, corporate or business reasons, giving prior, reasonable notice to users of the changes whenever possible. In any case, users are recommended to read this Policy carefully every time they access this Platform.

If you have any queries regarding our cookie and privacy policy, please contact us at


We inform you that social networks also collect information about the contents that you share in them through their own cookies. PyD has no control over the activity of these social networks, but we inform you that all of them have their own privacy and cookies policies. As an example, below we attach the links to the legal documents of the social networks / platforms in which we facilitate you to share our contents, so that you can be properly informed:

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